The Ace Hotel in NYC really is the coolest hotel on the planet.  I met Bradford Cox (of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound fame) while I stayed there during CMJ this past October, but even without the indie A-listers that drift in and out, it’s an awe-inspiring stay.  The contemporary artwork and its incorporation of music is impeccable, and Stumptown Coffee gave me a new appreciation for the art of the bean.  If you ever get the opportunity to spend a night or two there, you owe it to yourself to take it.


The people at Other Music are curating a collection of CDs and LPs for Ace Hotel New York. You can see them by the front desk, where they’re on sale along with old, cinematic, racy flipbooks and sharp, black pencils.

The artists featured in this inaugural set include Four Tet, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Spoon, and an assortment of Brazilian guitarists. Here are Other Music’s notes about some of them:

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